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About Meendo:

  • What exactly is Meendo?
    Essentially, Meendo is an adult dating service – although we try to avoid limiting our members in the ways they communicate, express themselves and use the site with arbitrary labels. If you find a particular topic interests you, let it out! Talk about sex, relationships, clothing and anything else that comes to mind when you join like-minded people in our friendly interest groups. Of course, the main focus of our site is connecting people – Meendo allows you to upload videos and photos as well as having the ability to look at what others have put online. Chat, view, rate and meet new friends!
  • Why Meendo?
    Registered users have a number of advantages over unidentified guests. When you become a member of Meendo, you’ll be able to chat with other users, view photos, watch videos, add your own content to your profile and much, much more! To make Meendo more accessible and attractive, we have kept our joining process very simple and user friendly.
  • Will my personal information be confidential?
    Your privacy is of paramount importance to us. We do not share personal information. In fact in spite of asking you decide what information to share and what not. The only obligatory information we ask is your email address necessary for registration.
  • Do I have to pay to join Meendo?
    No. Basic Meendo members do not (and never will) have to pay to create an account.

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  • Why can't I just email people messages?
    Meendo believes that the messenger we provide is easy to use and very secure. Some people would much prefer an email correspondence system, although this can lead to spam and an often undesirable release of personal information. Meendo’s messaging system also saves all of your chats externally, meaning it’s less likely to be found by people who may share your computer.
  • How do I send a message to other users?
    Sending a message to someone on Meendo is very simple; navigate to their profile, find the 'Send Message' link, type what you want to say and hit 'Send'!
  • I think someone is sending messages from my account.
    In situations like this, we suggest you immediately change your password to avoid possible future security breaches. Be sure that if you use Meendo on a public computer, you press 'Log Out' after every session.
  • How can I send a photograph or video in a message?
    We currently don’t have a system in place that allows members to send personal images or videos due to potential side effects and issues that may occur. You may wish to link them to an image or video stored in your open photo/video albums or you can create a private album and grant that user exclusive access.
  • Is there a way to check if my message has been read?
    After navigating to your 'Outbox', you’ll see images come in three colors. If your message has been read, it will appear in white.
  • Is there a way to check if my message has been deleted?
    After navigating to your 'Outbox', you'll see images come in three colors. If your message has been deleted, it will appear in gray.
  • Can I stop a certain individual from sending me messages?
    Meendo does allow members to limit or Blacklist individuals they do not wish to have further content with. To do this, navigate to Privacy settings and under 'Who can send me a message' chose appropriate setting or simply add user to a Blacklist.
  • Can I delete messages in bulk?
    To remove messages in bulk, simply use the check box to indicate which ones you wish to have deleted.

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Wallet, Credits, Paid Services:

  • Are there services I can pay for on Meendo?
    Yes. We also believe that paying members are able to get the most out of the site. We have a very simple credit point system that allows you to pick and choose what optional extras you would like. Become the King of Meendo, become the VIP member, Raise Up your profile and send gifts to other members with the click of a button!
  • What are 'credits'?
    Credits are virtual currency that Meendo uses to give members access to certain VIP features. Credits cost around $1 per 100 credits although the exact price depends on the payment method you use. Meendo also gives a discount to users that purchase bulk credits at any one time.
  • How do I buy credits?
    Currently, Meendo allows members to use SMS, credit cards and online electronic payment services to add credits to their account.
  • Where can I view my transaction history?
    Your profile contains a transaction history section that allows you to view all past payments made to Meendo for services.
  • What is VIP status? What will I get with it?
    By purchasing the VIP you receive a 7 days package of premium services. There are a number of advantages to being a VIP including the ability to become invisible, download videos and photos, view content at higher qualities and as an extra advantage you will be marked on searches, thereby increasing your visibility and potentially leading to more interaction with other Meendo members. For more information on our VIP service, go to VIP page.
  • What does the 'Raise Profile' service do?
    As new members join Meendo, profiles that are older are more likely to slip in search rankings due to the nature of our algorithms. By using the 'Raise Profile' service, your name is placed at the top of search rankings so searching members are more likely to see and interact with you.
  • Who are the 'Kings of Meendo'? How do I become one?
    Meendo allows members to become the 'Kings of Meendo' for a set period of time. If you use this service, your profile picture and a link to your profile will be placed on every single page. Only one King can be on the throne at the same time.

User search:

  • How do I search for users?
    If you like to find other members, use our sex dating search. Enter the desired criteria and click the 'Search' button.
  • What is 'Advanced search' service?
    Advanced Search allows you to search for people with a large number of additional criteria specified. These criteria can include zodiac sign, first language, breast size, weight, height, sexual preferences and much, much more. Advanced search is available for our VIP members.



Meendo values your privacy.
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