vagitarius Self-portrait

Vagitarius 40 yo


Your favorite sex positions
Missionary, on the edge of the bed, spread wide open, partner standing on floor and doggy.
Really Any position, Lol.
What is the most unusual sexual experience you have had?
Not so unusual but hot.I had been out of town with my work,Thursday through Sunday morning.My then fiance had been at a friends,in the country,riding his 4 wheeler and shooting.I called him when I was getting close and he wanted me to come see him and wanted it too.I arrived,said a brief hello to everyone and we were off on the 4 wheeler,naked and fucking by a beautiful stream within 10 minutes of my arrrival back in town.It was So good I wish I could have shared it right then with a special someone.
Your top sexual fantasy
My man and me with a hot and horny 18 to 30 year old nympho for the weekend...mmm
Does your offline relationship lack anything?
Not specified
Music, movies, books and other arts you enjoy
Not specified
Countries you have been to, Countries you would like to visit.
Not specified
What do you do in your spare time?
Fuck, suck and eat pussy
What qualities in men and women do you find most important?
Sexual desire
What hobbies do you have?
Sex,sex and sex
The greatest disappointment and the greatest joy in your life
Not specified

Viva The King of Sex

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