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xateli bi vstretiti paru , esti jelanie adaxnuti nedelicu v cetverom, mi para jiviom v MILANE
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Обожаю секс во всех его проявлениях.... Особенно взаимный оральный секс... В сексе люблю все! И даже больше!
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allex878@bk.ru (Germaniea)
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У меня лимит. Пишите на sabil78@mail.ru
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pinoki Self-portrait

pinoki 31 yo


Your favorite sex positions
cowgirl, doggystyle, pussy suck
пастушка, раком, киска сосать
What is the most unusual sexual experience you have had?
fuck in the dorm when some people sleeping
ебать в общежитии, когда некоторые люди спят
Your top sexual fantasy
be with pornstar... silicone tits, fat lips, allot tattoos
быть с порнозвезда ... силиконовые сиськи, жирных губ, много татуировок
Does your offline relationship lack anything?
Music, movies, books and other arts you enjoy
Not specified
Countries you have been to, Countries you would like to visit.
was in eorpe and in the east asia and newzeald.
want all after nice girls
What do you do in your spare time?
Pick up girls
Возьмите девочек
What qualities in men and women do you find most important?
What hobbies do you have?
sport. football
спорт, футбол
The greatest disappointment and the greatest joy in your life
mmmm ask my in private
мммм прошу моих наедине

Viva The King of Sex

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